Sundance 2011 Review: SEPTIEN, the Worst Movie at Sundance


I honestly don’t have much to say abut Septien. I didn’t even want to write a review for it because I didn’t think anything of it. All I know is that I didn’t like it, and that it was one of the worst movies I’ve seen at the festival this year. This film made absolutely no sense at all, and if there was any meaning behind it, I don’t want to waste anymore time on this film, trying to analyze it and figure it out. 

This is just one of those weird-ass artsy fartsy Sundance films where you wonder how in the hell it got accepted into the festival in the first place. I have nothing good to say about this movie, and I’m sure there was a much better film out there that could have taken it’s place.

I’ll be shocked if this movie actually gets distribution, but if for some reason that it does, I recommend that you don’t waste your time with it. I think it’s funny that the official synopsis says it’s “a backwoods world that’s only a few trees away from our own, complete with characters on the edge of sanity that we can actually relate to.” No. That’s completely false, I couldn’t relate to anything that was going on in this movie.

As far as the story is concerned there was no story, and if there was I wouldn't even know how to explain it, so here’s what the official story summary is.

Eighteen years after disappearing without a trace, Cornelius Rawlings returns to his family’s farm. While his parents are long deceased, Cornelius's brothers continue to live in isolation on this forgotten piece of land. Ezra is a freak for two things: cleanliness and Jesus. Amos is a self-taught artist who fetishizes sports and Satan. Although back home, Cornelius is still distant. In between challenging strangers to one-on-one games, he huffs and drinks the days away. The family’s high-school sports demons show up one day in the guise of a plumber and a pretty girl. Only a mysterious drifter can redeem their souls on 4th and goal.

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