Early INDIANA JONES Concept Art by Jim Steranko

Here's a small but awesome collection of Indiana Jones concept art created by comic artist Jim Steranko for Raiders of the Lost Ark. This was the same talent that worked on 1960's comics of Captain America and Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Before he got into comics he was allegedy, a gymnast, a fire-eater, a musician, an escape artist, a pugilist, a stage magician and a burglar. So this guy definitely led and interesting life and gave him the right qualifications to help create Indiana Jones. 

The concept art was created for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg before they had even cast anyone in the film. This art served as inspiration and eventually led them to looking at casting Burt Reynolds, but as you all know that didn't work out and the role went to the great Harrison Ford. As you can see the look, feel and style we see here pretty much ended up in the movie.

Check out the early concept art and tell us what you think!

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