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Repo Chick comes to us from writer/director Alex Cox, the same guy who brought us Repo Man. Repo Chick is not a sequel so if you're like me and haven't seen Repo Man you're going to be ok. I will say after watching this I'll check out Repo Man which is also celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Repo Chick is about millionaire heiress Pixxi De La Chasse  (Jaclyn Jonet) who gets disinherited by her snobby family, which includes veteran genre actress Karen Black.  What spoiled Pixxi has to do next is something she never dreamed about, she has to get a job!

Pixxi enters the real word looking for a job and becomes what else? A repo chick! All I can say is I literally fell in love with this film! Jaclyn Jonet owns this role and makes it her own to perfection and has full support of a great cast. She befriends some lower lifes along the way including Rosanna Arquette who kind of becomes her friend, or mentor maybe? Well she helps Pixxi get even with her cruel family!

Pixxi becomes the best repo chick out there to the point she starts getting held back by some of her own people. Along the way she sees a reward for a missing train and becomes set on the task until she finds it. Oh and the reward is a million smackers!

What makes this film stand out is how it is shot. Almost completely against the green screen but with some added bonus! Alex Cox has thrown in miniatures and models all through the film and pulls it off as art! High speed chases, guns and things blowing up, trains out of control and a high class, beautiful repo chick, what else could you ask for in a unique  stand out comedy like this? Don't get me wrong, the FX don't rival Star Wars or Avatar but you just have to watch it to see it for yourself and you will appreciate it and the creativity behind it

Honestly I would recommend this movie to almost anybody! It has a little bit for everybody in it!

Repo Chick comes out on DVD and Blu-ray February 8th and like I already said, this comes highly recommended! Definitely a future cult favorite!

Run time : 88 minutes 16 Seconds

Special Features:


  • Repo Chick movie trailer
  • 27 minute Behind the Scenes Featurette


Legendary indie filmmaker Alex Cox brings us another film in the "Repo" world which was shot on the 25th anniversary of his cult classic "Repo Man." In this hilarious parody, infamous heiress Pixxi De La Chasse gets disinherited by her family for her wild and flamboyant antics and must find a job. Possessing a limited skill set to say the least, Pixxi gets a job in the repo industry and soon finds her calling as a badass take-no-prisoners repo man ... or rather repo chick.

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