A New Home For Horror: The Weinsteins Partner Up with Starz

The Weinstein brothers seem to be crawling their way out of their hole! today it was announced that Harvey and Bob Weinstein have bought 25% stake in Starz. the deal means you can expect to see more Weinstein and Dimension title like the Scream movies, Spy Kids, Hellraiser sequels, Halloween, more Children of the Corn and more films under the banner. What the two are doing is reforging old relationships that made  them successful at one time and this is a very smart move for all parties. Remember the once dead Miramax is now alive and breathing again and this could become a really strong alliance if handled properly.

"We are thrilled to partner with Starz and appreciate the commitment of Liberty Media in bolstering Anchor Bay, allowing it to become a much bigger player in non-theatrical distribution," offered Bob and Harvey Weinstein in a joint statement. "We hope this strategic partnership is a first step in not only making Anchor Bay a home for our product, but in potentially housing other companies’ product as well, giving quality independent films the kind of care needed in today’s marketplace."
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