Hilarious Deleted Scene From DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS Out Now On DVD/Blu-ray

Movieby Jim Napier

Many films have deleted scenes, comedies usually do more than others. Dinner For Schmusk's just came out on DVD/Blu-ray and a hilarious deleted scene is now available.

The scene features Steve Carell's character making a Morgan Freeman/Nelson Mandela joke not included theatrically. The scene below is just one of the many special features on the disc such as a behind-the-scenes look with the cast called  “The Biggest Schmucks in the World”, a hilarious gag reel entitled “Schmuck Ups” and other various deleted scenes. 

In addtion, the Blu-ray has a feature that takes a look at the men behind the Mousterpieces, a montage of the guests at the infamous dinner of schmucks and a spoof of LeBron James’ press conference by Carell and co-star Paul Rudd.

Watch the scene below and let us know what you think!

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