THE VIOLENT KIND Finds a Distributor and there's a Film Clip

Movie by Joey Paur

If a film like The Violent Kind can actually get distribution, any movie, no matter how bad it is can get distribution. I saw The Violent Kind at The Sundance Film Festival last year, and it was seriously the worst movie I think I've ever seen, even for a B style horror movie. I know there is an audience out there for this kind of thing, but this was just a very poorly made film, with a terrible schizophrenic story and script. I had nothing good to say about it in my review. Here's excerpt from my review:

I have nothing good at all to say about this film, it was unforgivably bad. Everything about it was top notch awfulness. The story was incoherent, you never had any idea what in the hell was going on. Nothing is ever explained! I honestly don’t think the filmmakers even knew what kind of movie they were making, and if they did, it didn’t show in the film. The script and dialogue were atrocious. The movie was trying to be serious but there is no way in hell anyone would be able to take this movie seriously. There was nothing natural about the dialogue, it made me wonder if the movie actually had a script or if they just let these actors improvise in front of the camera. Either way, it sucked ass.

The movie was directed by The Butcher Brothers and it has been acquired for US distribution by Image Entertainment. The film will hit limited theaters before going to both DVD and Blu-ray. Thanks to bloody-disgusting we also have a two-minute clip from the film to share with you. 


Jazz, Cody, and Q are just the sort of upstanding young citizens you might expect of second-generation members of an outlaw biker gang. So when the boys take a break from their busy schedule of sex, drugs, and stompin’ fools to attend a righteous party at a secluded cabin, what could possibly go wrong? As it happens, everything. The soirée goes to hell, people start dying, and a fine biker mama gets possessed by . . . well, by something foul indeed. It’s all more perverse fun from the utterly demented minds of writers/directors the Butcher Brothers (aka Phil Flores and Mitchell Altieri).

Watch the film clip below and tell us what you think.

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