Awesome Collection of Redesigned Edgar Wright Movie Poster Art

Illustrator Lloyd Stas has created this great collection of redesigned movie posters for the films of director Edgar Wright. According to the artist he posted them on flickr and woke up the next day to find that Wright posted them on his own blog, which must have been a pretty awesome feeling. He told /film,

I hadn’t told him about them and he was one of the first to find them. I was just hoping that he might see the posters, but the fact that he posted them on his blog and said such nice things about them was too awesome and very flattering.

Stas goes on to explain his inspiration for the posters saying, 

I’ve always been a massive fan of Edgar Wright’s ever since seeing spaced on TV when I was younger. I was looking to undertake project that I could really get into; based on something that I loved. I chose Edgar Wright as he’s always been a big influence on me, I’m a fan of every one of his projects so I could really get my teeth into each poster. His directing style is very stylistic and unique so I wanted to try and recapture some of that in the poster designs.

To check out Stas other work head on over to his official website

I love these posters, but unfortunately there are no prints available for sale... yet. Check out the illustrations and feel free to share your thoughts on them. 

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