Ivan Reitman says GHOSTBUSTERS 3 could be the Best of the Series

Ghostbusters 3 is another one of those films that we still don't know if it will ever get made or not, but we have an update from the films director Ivan Reitman. He recently talked Comingsoon.net about the long awaited Ghostbusters sequel that we've been hearing about for... what seems like forever. I really hope this movie actually ends up getting made, but as of right now it still all depends on Bill Murray who has yet to read the script for the film. 

Here's what Reitman had to say about the script and Murray:

We have a really good script, but Bill (Murray) has to read it. He hasn't read it. There has been all kinds of chatter online about him reading it and not liking it. He has not read a thing. He's never read anything. And I just sent it to him. So we'll see. God knows how long that will take. But we'll see.

He goes on to say that pretty much everything that has been revealed online regarding the film is false.

There is almost nothing that is accurate online about that film... There is nothing... I mean, all these stories... there has been a ton of stuff about casting, about who's in... none of it is true.

So let's just take all of that stuff we've heard, throw it out the window, and start all over again from this interview. Reitman then explains that all the original characters have parts in the movie, along with a new set of characters. He then adds this,

it's got a really good story, this one. Maybe the best of the whole series. I hope we get to do it.

The best of the whole series!? Wow! That, my friends, is a very bold statement. I don't know how it can get any better than the original, but after having heard that this movie has to get made. I want to see what they have planned! Hopefully Murray reads the script soon and likes it!