DRIVE distributor sued over misleading trailer

Have you ever left a movie theater feeling duped into seeing a film that was different than what you had expected? Many people have in fact it is pretty common with the way that trailers show scenes that are not used in the final cut or decide to market the film only on certain aspects of the plot. 

Usually when this type of thing happens you would take to your favorite form of social media to express your anger about a film's marketing, Michigan's Sarah Deming is not most people. She watched the trailer for Drive and went to the theater and was so angry that she decided to not only sue the theater, but sue FilmDistrict, the film's distributor. 

Deming claims that the film “bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film… having very little driving in the motion picture”.

The litigation does not end there, she also is accusing the film of anti-semtism stating that it “contained extreme, gratuitous, dehumanising racism directed at members of the Jewish faith, and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith.”

This type of lawsuit is what pisses me off. Not only does it clog up the justice system, but it's a prime example of how common sense continues to fly out the window. The oddest bit about this news is tha Deming only wanted her money back for her ticket. The theater she saw the film has stated that they would have been happy to have refunded the cost of the ticket. 

If you have not seen Drive by director Nicolas Winding Refn and thank me later. We need to balance out this moron. What are your thoughts on this news?

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