Mondo Tees Poster Art - THE IRON GIANT, HELLRAISER, THE MIST and More

This weekend The Alamo Drafthouse took Mondo's Mystery Movie event on tour to the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there, but it would have been an awesome event to attend! When you go to these things you never know what movie they are going to end up showing, so you pay for and show show up to watch a movie without knowing what you will see. You also get a awesome poster of that movie, and here are the movies that were shown and Mondo Tee posters that were given away to lucky audience members.

The Iron Giant which is one of my favorite animated films ever and it was given a great poster created by  Kevin Tong.

Created by German artist Florian Bertmer.

Created by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and titles by Jon Smith

Created by  by Ken Taylor.

Created by Daniel Danger

Obviosly created by Tyler Stout