Scientist Claims To Have Evidence For Prehistoric Giant Kraken

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"It only listens to Liam Neeson though."

So when Paleontologists aren't living in upscale apartments in New York with their "Friends" or going on expeditions to exotic dinosaur islands...they spend the rest of their time spinning yarns on the possible meaning of prehistoric remains.

So begins our story as one scientist, Mark McMenamin, believes the evidence for a prehistoric Kraken lies in a mass dino-dolphin tomb in Nevada, otherwise known as Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park. Here's a pic below.

It doesn't tell you s*** does it? Apparently what we are looking at is a mass grave of Prehistoric "Flippers" in the shape of a big ass Cephalopod tentacle. In addition to that, the lining up of the dolphins in the grave is very similar to what modern day Octopi do to their victims (Not just the serial killing ones either).

I know you are waiting for some body shot, but the sad truth is soft bodies are not good at fossilizing, so if any further evidence were to be found it would be in the form of a giant beak or possibly a garden in the shade.

While your mind is still on how much ass a Triassic giant squid could kick (best estimates are 6 at one time), you can watch this video of the first video documentation of a giant squid baby below.

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