Warner Bros. buys Alan Turing Enigma codebreaker spec for Leonardo DiCaprio

Warner Bros. has purchased a spec script based on the Enigma codebreakers of WWII, the math geniuses whos calculations led to the development of the first computers. Deadline reports that the stduio has bought a spec script based on the work of Alan Turing written by Graham Moore called The Imitation Game. The 7-figure deal was finalized after the studio outbid other studios to buy the project for Leonardo DiCaprio to star. Ron Howard is said to be interested in directing.

First-time producers Nora Grossman and Ido Ostrowsky owned the rights to Andrew Hodges’ definitive biography Alan Turing: The Enigma which Moore's script is based on. Moore recently made his debut with Th Sherlockian, a novel filled with Arthur Conan Doyle lore. The script took a year to develop, but it seems to have paid off. Souces close to the project are saying that The Imitation Game is the "best script they’ve read in years — and they read a lot of scripts."

The film will tell the "life story of this English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, computer scientist, criminally prosecuted homosexual, and tortured soul who committed suicide by eating a cyanide-laced apple has it all." It has been reported that Steve Jobs named his company “Apple” as a tribute to Turing. A source describes the story as follows: “Think The King’s Speech without the huge uplifting ending.” 

I love WWII films, but we have seen so many different films based on the topic. I am very excited to see a dfferent side to war like this. What are your thoughts?

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