Juan Carlos Fresnadillo drops out of THE CROW reboot

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has dropped out of The Crow reboot. Twitch reports that Fresnadillo has walked from the project and may direct the Highlander reboot for Summmit. Either way the 28 Weeks Later director will not be bringing James O'Barr's graphic novel back to the big screen. F Javier Gutierrez (The Falls) may be a possible replacement.

When will the execs get the point that a reboot of this should just not happen. Stephen Norrington was initially attached to the project scripted by Nick Cave. Cave was dropped from the project ater an unknown actor was interested in the project, resulting in Norrington's departure. In steps Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Alex Tse as the director and writer, respectively, with Bradley Cooper eventually signing on to play Eric Draven. Cooper departed the project because of scheduling conflicts, ironically because of his role in Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost

Please someone have the common sense to just stop this project altogether. What are your thoughts?

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