Bryan Singer's EXCALIBUR remake is Dead, but BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is good to go

Director Bryan Singer was supposed to start working on a remake of the classic 1981 John Boorman film Excalibur when he was finished with Jack the Giant Killer. In a recently interview with SFX the director reveals that the Excalibur film project is dead, but that he will now movie straight into developing his Battlestar Galactica film project. Here's what singer had to say...

Yeah, unfortunately it is no longer going to happen. I was really enthused to do it. I’m a fan of John Boorman’s movie and it was my intention to get it going after Jack The Giant Killer was completed. The project was with Warner Bros and what happened is that another King Arthur project was brought to them during that time. Basically, it was just more ready to go into production than ours was. That is why our version of Excalibur ended up being negated. But, when that happened, it allowed me to go straight into developing Battlestar Galactica – which I think will be really exciting.

I'm not too broken up about Excalibur being ditched, the original is such a classic anyway, it didn't need a remake. I'm really excited to see what Singer comes up with for Battlestar Galactica though. That could end up being an epic sci-fi film. Singer then goes on to talks bout his new internet series H Plus saying,

This is going to be really cool. I am shooting this internet series called Agent Plus. There are going to be around 40 to 50 episodes, broadcast exclusively on the internet, and each one is going to last for just three to six minutes. It is quite addictive. I like to describe it as an apocalyptic, technological story… technology gone wrong: it is totally science fiction. It also tells the story in a  non-linear fashion so, as you experience it on the internet, it jumps around a bit. However, it all coalesces the more you watch. It is new thing that we did with Warner digital and Dolphin media and it should be ready soon.

Sounds like it could be cool. What do you all think about Exculibur being dropped, Battlestar Galactica being moved up on Singers list to direct, and this new web series he's developing?

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