NYCC: Beautiful Cosplay Photos

Photos CosplayNYCC by Jim Napier

Here are some beautiful photos from New York Comic Con taken by photographer Senén Llano. This was Llano's first time as a Comic Con and he called it a “fantastic experience.” The 32-year-old photog brought his special lighting rig to the con and shot a series of striking portraits of cosplayers. 

Here is what Llano's had to say in an interview with Wired:

“The most interesting subject I saw was a personification of the boss from Portal called GlaDOS,” said Llanos in an e-mail to “In the game, this character is a huge computer that menaces the hero with very cruel and sarcastic comments. A girl made it her own, with a lot of little details and a voice box which repeated phrases from GlaDOS — I never saw her once break character.”

There were plenty of superhero variants, Llano said: “’70s Batman, Dark Knight Batman, female sexy Batman, Batman Beyond, etc.” Another amusing highlight: An attendee dressed as Bane “walked the floor with a ragged Batman doll, kicking him and throwing him around for a few days.”

Check out the images from the NYCC below and for more of his photos visit his blog,

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