The Delorean making a comeback as an Electric Car

RantDeLoreanby Joey Paur

It looks like we will end up seeing the famous Back to the Future car The Delorean back in action, this time as an electric car. Back in 1995 Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne acquired the rights to the Delorean Motor Company as well as a warehouse packed full of the manufacturer's original parts. Over the years they've been repairing older models of the car and making custom made-to-order vehicles. The company has now teamed up with the electric-car company Epic EV, and the plan is to produce a line of electric Deloreans by 2013! Great freakin' scott! 

The new car the two companies unveiled today at the International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston, Texas is no run-of-the-mill electric DeLorean conversion. It's a development model of a car, called DMCEV, which DeLorean plans to launch into production in two years.

The companies haven't released any specs yet, but if it's anything like Epic EV's Torq Roadster, it'll get a 200 hp+, 44V/156V electric motor, powered by a 24-30 KWh lithium ion phosphate battery.

There aren't many other details on the car at this time, and there's no word on how much the car will end up costing, but I guess it's time I start saving up, because I want one. 

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