Warner Bros. Developing Secret New DC Comics Superhero Game


The LA Times has a great article about how Warner Bros. is the only movie studio right that is actually finding success in developing video games. One of there biggest and most successful video game franchise they have is their Batman: Arkham Asylum and the newly highly anticipated release Batman: Arkahm City which was released to some pretty incredible reviews. It seems like everyone that is playing it is loving it. The studio has found a formula of success that works for them, and it looks like they are going to take adavantage of the success they seen.

President of Warner Interactive, Martin Tremblay said in a recent interview that "What we have in common with our movie counterparts is that we're following a tent-pole strategy. We're making the serious investments it takes to build franchises, and we don't just want to release good games, we want to be sure that we make a statement." It seems to have worked for Batman, and they are going to follow that same formula. Tremblay continues saying, "The movie-based games business is broken, and for teen-targeted titles, we're going to try and distance ourselves from the movies so the game stands by itself." 

I couldn't agree with that plan more, I've been saying for years that the majority of tie-in movie games are bullshit, cheap, rushed games that should have never been made, they are a waste of money. Taking the properties that they have access to and developing stand alone games on them is one of the best things that Warner Bros. can do because then they can give them the care and effort they need to make a badass video game. 

The article goes on to mention that "Warner will launch a new Lord of the Rings game in November and a Hobbit title in 2012 before Peter Jackson's movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes out that December. The game is one of the studio's top releases for next year, along with a Lego Batman sequel and a game featuring a superhero from Warner's DC Comics unit that Tremblay wouldn't name. The company also is targeting younger players with a second Lego Harry Potter in November."

Yes, Warner Bros. is developing a new video game based on another superhero from DC Comics! I imagine it will follow in the same footsteps as the Batman series, the question is what character will it be!? I'm going to go ahead and take a guess that it will be a stand alone Superman style game. I have no idea if that is what the game will be or not, but the studio is currently developing the Zack Snyder directed film Man of Steel, and even though it isn't a tie-in movie game, Superman is still one of their biggest franchise properties and releasing it around the same time as the movie won't hurt sales either. I think Superman would be a smart surefire hit for them... if done right.

If it's not Superman, what do you think the new DC superhero game will be?

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