ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT to get a 4th Season and then a Movie!

We've been hearing for YEARS that we would see an Arrested Development movie. Over the years there's been a ton of excitement, speculation, confirmations and denials from the shows awesome comedic cast members regarding the potential film. 

The major cast members recently got together at the “The Bluth Family Reunion” Panel at The New Yorker Festival.  They were joined by creator Mitch Hurwitz and narrator/Producer Ron Howard who got in on the action via speaker phone.

It was during this panel Hurwitz announced that they will be developing a 10-episode fourth season, and after that we will get the feature film. According to The Film Stage, "He didn’t announce how far along he is with writing this new fourth season, but he is halfway through the film script with co-writers Jim Vallely and Dean Lorey. As for the series, each episode will focus on a specific character and what they have been doing the last five years, but will include crossovers with other characters. He gave the example that Buster (Tony Hale) would go to therapy and his therapist (or should I say analrapist?) would be Tobias Fünke (David Cross). The series would lead up to a point where the film begins on all our major characters converging."

That's freakin' brilliant! I love that idea! For those of you still a little skeptical about this, it was confirmed that all of the actors have cleared their schedules so they could do this, and that it will start shooting next summer! Jason Bateman confirmed this via his twitter account saying,

It's true. We will do 10 episodes and the movie. Probably shoot them all together next summer for a release in early '13. VERY excited!

The report goes on to say that, "the network on where these initial episodes will air, or the studio that will produce/distribute, haven’t been locked down either. Hurwitz said they don’t own the property outright and “there is still lots of business to do” and the logistics of having a studio working on a film and TV series simultaneously is difficult."

I loved Arrested Development, and the fact that we are going to get 10 new episodes and a film is an incredibly exciting piece of entertainment news. This is actually happening! And everyone is ready to jump back in on it. Fans of this awesome series couldn't ask for anything more. What are your thought's on this announcement?

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