THE PUNISHER TV Series Coming to FOX!

TVABCFoxby Joey Paur

The Fox network just picked up a new TV adaptation of Marvels The Punisher from ABC! The series will be an hour long show and will "will focus on NYPD detective Frank Castle, whose alter ego is that of a vigilante seeking justice for those failed by the court system."

Ed Bernero, an ex-Chicago cop, and co-creator of Third Watch and Criminal Minds will serve as the executive producer on the series. He seems to have a talent for making cop shows so this should be right up his ally. 

I'm incredibly excited that this is happening. I think The Punisher will make for an awesome TV series, and chances are it will end up being better than both films that have been made. I've always felt that The Punisher has yet to get the adaptation it deserves... maybe this will be it. What are your thoughts on Fox developing a Punisher TV series?

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