Trailer for Zhang Yimou's THE FLOWERS OF WAR starring Christian Bale

An international trailer has arrived online for Zhang Yimou‘s new film The Flowers of War, which stars Christian Bale. The film is set during  WWII and is based on the Nanking Massacre, also called the Rape of Nanking. The drama is China's most expensive film to date, and will be the country’s submission for the best foreign language film Oscar.

Here is a description of the film thanks to /Film:

Based on a historical novel by Yan Geling, and shot with a mixture of Chinese and English dialogue (and some Japanese), the film has Bale playing ““John Haufman, a salty mortician who apparently has come to town to bury the priest of a cathedral in Nanking. The cathedral also has a school for girls, and with war waging all around and the priest dead, John dons the priests’ vestments and works out a temporary reprieve from the rampaging Japanese soldiers.”

The trailer below is still missing some visual effects, but looks epic. Check it out below and share your thoughts:

The Flowers of War opens in China on December 16. It has yet to receive a US release date, but producers are hopeful that will change soon. I would like to see this film, so I hope it does find a distributor.

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