Mark Millar's Comic WAR HEROES to land at Universal Pictures

We've got some more news on yet another Mark Millar comic book property. Universal Pictures is currently in negotiations to pick up the movie rights to his awesome comic series War Heroes. The film rights were previously help by Sony Pictures but for some reason they never did anything with it which is a shame, because this comic will make for an amazing film.

War Heroes is about a American super-soldier program. After America goes to war with Iran, the people eventually just get fed up with it and people stop signing up for the military. To upgrade the military and entice people to join they develop a set of pills that give regular soldiers super hero super powers. Powers like Night Vision, flying, super strength, telekinesis, and more. Like all awesome military developments it ends up in the wrong hands.

Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, who are currently writing the script for Marvel's Doctor Strange movie are in negotiations to adapt the comic into script form.

Maybe now the film will actually go into production, but the way Universal is going these days the film will get set up and ready to go, then at the last minute they will pull the plug on the project due to budget issues. That's just how Universal rolls these days. I imagine that they will try and get Matthew Vuaghn to direct it.

What are your thoughts on War Heroes coming to the big screen?

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