Comic Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #2

Hey Tyrants!

After an almost two months, we finally get Justice League #2. Was it worth the unnecessarily long wait? Let’s take a look.

Quick 'n' Dirty Review:
So we start several minutes after we last left off In Justice League #1. Batman has tried literally everything in his arsenal against Superman, with no effect obviously. Green Lantern intervenes, but even with his power ring, any attack only momentarily stuns Superman.

This Superman is much more of a hothead than in the Pre-Flashpoint universe and is not as careful when it comes to pulling his punches. So Green Lantern calls in reinforcements, as in his buddy the Flash, reluctant to get involved as the Flash is getting bunched in with all the other superheroes as a public menace.

Its only Green Lantern asserting that Superman will kill him and Batman (the mention of which gets a funny reaction) that Flash finally intervenes. He is definitely established as faster than Superman, but then the Man of Steel outsmarts him and dispatches of him with the Galactus finger flick of doom (Marvel vs Capcon 3 players know what I mean there). Ha!

This distraction gives Batman the chance to calm everyone down. Now, while we still don’t have an official Justice League yet, there are now four superheroes working towards finding out who is behind these odd attacks happening in Gotham and now Metropolis. Obviously the reader knows, but the heroes have no clue. And at this point the Lord of Apokolips has yet to make even a cameo beyond his name being used as a battle cry.

The issue ends with a good cliffhanger of the fearsome foursome being in danger. On a side note, we also see a continuation of the Victor Stone story, and of his scientist dad being a douche. However, douche or not, Victor and his dad's story does start tying into the bigger A plot featuring the rest of the League. And without giving anything away, we see the catalyst to Victor's eventual transformation into the superhero Cyborg.

The Good:
Jim Lee’s art never disappoints. He captures all the big fight scenes well. He also grabbed the emotional scenes with Victor and his douchehole dad well too.

Also, we see just how powerful Superman is again, as he singlehandedly takes on the Flash, Batman and Green Lantern and is about to win. I like this more dangerous Superman, who gets angry and is not really so much a boy scout.

Batman being the cooler head makes perfect sense, as he would want to figure out the bigger picture and see who is pulling the strings.

Flash was well written, cocksure but not jock stupid like Green Lantern. I loved his reaction to finding out that Batman actually existed, continuing the whole ‘urban myth’ thing).

The Bad:
 Why was this book almost a month late?? I thought this was DC Comics, not Image Comics in the 90s! I get that both Johns and Lee have a lot on their plate as higher ups at DC, but such a late delivery for what is a flagship title on this huge initiative is unacceptable. If its not a monthly title, then tell us that. If so, I expect this to be delivered monthly. Get it?

The Ugly:
Damn those minions of Darkseid are just plain ugly.

Next issue (I would say next month, but who knows at this point) Wonder Woman joins the party. Hooray! Til next time folks!


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