Johnny Depp says Dr. Seuss biopic will be both live-action and animation

Johnny Depp rarely does interviews, but he recently spoke with Larry King to promote The Rum Diary. In the interview he discussed some of his upcoming projects, including the Dr. Seuss biopic and The Lone Ranger. Earlier we had reported that the producers were “not ruling out animated bells and whistles." Depp's commments seem to confirm that there will indeed by a mix of live-action and animation:

It’s something we’re developing with Seuss’ widow, Geisel’s widow. It’s a very exciting possibility, because it’s a combination of live-action and…the characters will certainly have a role.

Depp is set to produce and possibly star in the film, which is being penned by Keith Bunin. Not much else is known about the film at this time. He also talked a bit about his approach for the role of Tonto in the The Lone Ranger. Here is what he had to say:

What I like about Tonto is the idea that this character who is thought of as ‘the sidekick’—that’s the thing that always bugged me about The Lone Ranger is ‘Well why is the Indian the sidekick? Why does he have to go get you that thing?’ And I couldn’t stand that always. My approach to Tonto is that there’s this crazy like a fox stoicism to Tonto that Tonto probably believes that The Lone Ranger is his slave, his sidekick. So it’s like ‘Go get me the thing,’ ‘No, no, no you go get it. You’re the one dressed in the funny outfit, you go do it.’

I am more interested in the Seuss biopic than Lone Ranger. I like the idea, but don't believe it should cost as much as it is set to. What are your thoughts?

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