WTF Japan: Taxidermied Pikachu Sculptures?!

VideosPhotos by Mick Joest


So maybe you've heard of the Japanese art group Chim Pom, or at least you should have. These edgy hipsters from the land of the rising sun specialize in weird art which includes but is not limited too, blowing up possessions by throwing them into land mine fields, stuffing a dead crow with a speaker to attract thousands of crows to one spot, and their latest exhibit, taking dead rats and modeling them to be Pikachu!

Now before you get all animal rightsy all up on our former Axis enemies, the rats in Japan are no joke. They're fast, unafraid, live in large numbers, and many of them are now immune to the poisons given to control their population throughout the years.

Former Neptunes musical genius and N.E.R.D in his own respect Pharell Williams even highlighted the group in an upcoming documentary (below) but I'm still not convinced.

Pokemon can't even die anyway! My analysis? Got a lot of high level electric rodents using "Harden".

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