GHOST RIDER'S Blackout does not follow Marvel backstory

Johnny Whitworth plays Blackout in the highly-anticipated Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. MTV has reported that villain is only slightly inspired by the Marvel comic books. Here is what co-director Brian Taylor had to say about the character's connection:

"We didn't really honestly do a lot of research into the comic book version of Blackout. We kind of just took the visual of him and went from there."

Blackout was first introduced in the early 90's, in the comics he's "a thug for hire who, after being scorched by Ghost Rider's hellfire, gained demonic powers and sought vengeance against the antihero (at that time Daniel Ketch, brother to Johnny Blaze). The film version of the character will be a creation of the devil (Ciaran Hinds), just like Ghost Rider.  

Check out the interview below:

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