Kid Geek Copsplay - The best Rocketeer Costume Ever

The best home-made Rocketeer costume I've ever seen is being pulled off by a 3-year-old kid! I would love to be The Rocketeer this Halloween, but all the store bought costumes suck ass, and I don't have the skills or patience to make one of my own.

The fantastic Rocketeer costume made by Jim from Sweet Juniper for his three year-old son Gram. Not only is it a pretty amazing recreation of Dave Stevens' high-flying, Nazi-fighting hero, but accoding to Jim's list of materials, he was able to build it out of stuff he had laying around for about $20.

The materials he used to build the costume include a BMX helmet, an Iron Man mask, ethernet cable, a couple of Pepsi bottles, two hundred pushpins, a leather jacket modified into the Rocketeer's signature look, and even a plastic holder for urinal cakes used as the middle section of the jetpack.

Check out the photos below and tell us what you think!