24 Script is almost Finished According to Kiefer Sutherland


For those of you looking for an update on where the big screen adaptation of 24 currently stands, Kiefer Sutherland has it for you. In a recent interview with The Telegraph he says that the script is almost done.

We are coming very close to having a finished script. That’s been the most difficult thing. You have to remember that we have 24 hours to explain the stories in 24 and so trying to condense that into a two-hour film version has been a real shift in gear for us. We were originally trying to make it too big and put too much into it – but once we relaxed, we found out how to tell that story. So yes we definitely do plan on making the film.

We've heard a lot of different things about this film since the show ended, but it sounds like everything is coming together for them. I loved 24, and it's exciting for me to think that we will get to see the continuing adventure of Jack Bauer. It will definitely be a different more condensed version of how 24 was built to play out, but if they have a plan and a creative way to do it, then everything should turn out great.

The script has been through a tough time, but it sounds like the finally cracked it. Things we've previously heard about the film are that producer Brian Grazer wants to release it in 2012, but lets be real, at this point it doesn't look like we will see the film hit theaters until 2013. It was also reported that Tony Scott was in the running to possibly direct the film, which would be cool. I think he would develop a solid movie. 

What do you all think about this production?

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