This Could be the new GODZILLA Design

The picture you see above could be one of the new designs for director Gareth Edwards' Godzilla film for Legendary Pictures. There's no confirmation, and it comes from a website that I've never heard of before, Infamous Kidd

The sculpture was created by Hector A. Arce, a creature/fantasy sculptor, who is apparently part of the design team for the monster film, "primarily because this version of Godzilla is based on a sculpt he did of Godzilla quite some time ago." The concept art that was released at Comic-Con in 2010 was based on Arce's design. The site says that that the final approved version of Godzilla shouldn’t look that drastically different from what you see here, and I love what I see in these photos! But they could have nothing to do with the film.

The site also claims that Godzilla will be brought to life on the big screen not by CGI, but that it will be done old school style. That's right, they say there is going to be someone wearing a rubber Godzilla suit. The report adds that "the head will be controlled by animatronics, and any touch-ups needed for the final film will then fall upon CGI." I find a costumed guy in a suit incredibly hard to believe. CGI is good enough these days for the monster to look feakin' real, and I just don't see Edwards talking the movie in that direction. Just a little reminder, Edwards directed the indie film Monsters.

I love it when I see practical special effects in movies these days especially in horror films. That being said, I think a guy in a rubber suit is going to turn out pretty unimpressive. But! A guy dressed in a motion capture suit is a completely different story. This is just some much more detail you can go into with CGI, on top of that there are no limitations to what can be done. I guess we'll find out for sure how this will all go down soon. If they do put a guy in a rubber suit, that's gotta be one hell of a great design.

I would love for this movie to come out being awesome, I always enjoyed watching Gobzilla flicks, that was until Roland Emmerich came in and turned it into a crappy film. Edwards had this to say about the film in a previous interview,

Everyone involved knows what the film has to be, what’s important to me is that, as well as spectacle, you have to give a shit about what’s happening and why.

And this is why I think he could be the right man for the job. What are your thoughts on this photos? And what do you think about the whole rubber suit thing?