Tyrese Gibson talks FAST FIVE and FAST SIX

Tyrese Gibson talked a bit about Fast Five and Fast Six during a recent interview with Comingsoon.  Gibson started on his Fast and Furious journey in 2003's 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Here is what Gibson had to say about the success of Fast Five:

To be honest, man, the energy felt big while we were on the set. Vin Diesel and "The Rock" Johnson and all the other stars of the film - those guys have a big following and big supporters. You get that energy out there and I was glad that none of the egos and politics kicked in while we were doing our thing. Vin Diesel is number one on the call sheet. It's his franchise with Paul Walker. You've got "The Rock" Johnson coming in and even myself, bringing some funny and some energy. None of this could have happened if any egos and pride had kicked in. It's a salute to the team and the director and the producers and everybody that helped organize the whole thing.

He goes onto talk a bit about the why he chose to reprise his role for the film:

Everything that we talked about it why I agreed to come back. I wanted to make sure my character was played up a bit. I didn't want him to just fall into the background. I wanted him to have some moments that added to the mission. These things were achieved, you know? Once you know that it's Vin Diesel and Paul Walker's film franchise, you know that the movie is going to be about them. We're kind of the assistants on the mission.

I never thought that I would say I am excited to see a sixth installment of a franchise, but I could not be more excited about Fast Six. Here is what Gibson had to aay abou the film's start date and his hopes for the film:

Yeah, hopefully that gets going in April. We'll see what happens. I just want to see him (Roman) be more of a key player. I want to see him making some of the decisions as far as missions and things that we're doing. To feel a little more part of the mission. Instead of having orders thrown my way, I'd like to take the lead and decide what we need to do.

Read more of the interview at Comingsoonn.net. Fast Five hits Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, October 4th. Fast Six is slated to go into production on April of 2012 with a release planned for May 24, 2013.  Keep an eye out for my review later this week.

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