THE EXORCIST - Horror Films that Changed My Life #5


It being the Halloween season, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of the horror films we've seen throughout the years that have in a way changed our lives… basically films that pretty much screwed with out heads and jacked us up. 

Most of the movies I will be talking about in my articles are films that I watched when I was growing up as a kid. These are films with twisted aspects that have been embedded in my memory, given me nightmares, and lost a lot of sleep over throughout my childhood years… thus helping shape the person I am today.

The Exorcist is an obvious choice I know, but to this day it is still one of the most terrifying films I've ever seen. I still get the chills when I watch it, which isn't very often. In fact it's been years since I've seen this film, not since it was re-released in theaters with that additional footage. The movie just makes me feel weird, it scares me and I always have an uncomfortable feeling after watching it. I don’t see how you can watch this movie and not feel an evil presence watching it with you.

I don't remember how old I was when I first saw this movie. I do know I was under the age of 11, and I watched it at a friends house without the permission of our parents. Needless to say I was way too young to see this movie when I saw it, and I had never been so freakin' frightened in my life. I can't even describe to you how I felt while I was this movie. I just know that when it was over that thought I was going to be utterly destroyed by the devil. 

Everything about this film simply scared the shit out of me. I'm sure the majority if not all of you have seen it already so you know how it all plays out. But one of the mostly terrifying images I've ever seen was the quick flash of Satan's face. There was just something about it that was seared into my mind. The story follows a mother dealing with the demonic possession of her young daughter. She seeks out the help of a priest in hopes that through an exorcism her daughter can be saved.


The visuals used in this film were practical but effectively chilling. The 360 head turn, the throwing up of pea soup, and the demonic voice coming from a little girl were just a few of the iconic things that made this movie a horror classic. The subject matter itself was effective in making your soul duck and cover. What takes this story to a whole new level of creepy is that it was based on an actual documented exorcism that took place in 1949 on a 14 year old boy. 

What are your thoughts on The Exorcist!?

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