Olivia Wilde cast in Ron Hoawrd's RUSH

Olivia Wilde is set to play 1970's supermodel Suzy Miller in Ron Howard's upcoming Formula One race car film Rush. A perfect choice if you ask me, but I think Wilde is not only a beautiful actress but talented as well. 

The film tells the story of three-time Formula One champion Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and the driver’s near-fatal 1976 racing accident, and his rival James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). According to Deadline, "Miller fell in love with and married Hunt, a handsome, womanizing driver, but the most interesting part of their relationship is how Miller soon fell in love with Hunt’s actor pal, Richard Burton. Hunt and Burton famously negotiated a “transfer” of assets, with Burton paying the $1 million divorce settlement that Hunt owed Miller. Burton and Miller were married shortly after." 

The reports also mentions that Howard is looking to also cast A Beautiful Mind star Russell Crowe to play the small role of Burton in the Peter Morgan-scripted film. Here's a more detailed description of the film,

Morgan’s screenplay deals closely with Lauda’s famed rivalry with the English race driver James Hunt, both on and off the track. For those unfamiliar with the Formula One legend, on August 1, 1976, Lauda very nearly burned to death after his Ferrari swerved off the track in only the second lap of the German Grand Prix, crashed, and burst into flames. Lauda lapsed into a coma and ultimately lost his right ear; Hunt would go on to win the race.... Lauda so detested Hunt and was so obsessed with beating him that just six weeks later, he dragged himself out of bed and finished fourth at the Italian Grand Prix. Hunt would go on to win both the Canadian and U.S. Grand Prix, and, after Lauda dropped out of the Japanese Grand Prix due to heavy rain, he ultimately wrested the 1976 World Driver’s Championship title from Lauda, winning by a single point.

I'm really excited about seeing how this movie turns out. I think Howard is going to put together a great film, I love the cast he's brought together so far. What are your thoughts?

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