New Villain Revealed in BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

It's amazing that Batman: Arkham City is about to be released and there are still new characters and villains being revealed. This game is basically packed with every single Batman character ever. I'm sure we'll get even more surprise while we are playing the game. After all, Rocksteady has said that we've only seen a fraction of what this game has to offer.

The newest villain that will play a part in the Arkham City story is Jervis Tetchaka The Mad Hatter. The screen shot above displayed in a montage of Batman villains, and it was spotted by YouTube user, MrKQGaming. Mad Hatter uses mind-controlling devices to manipulate his victims. He turned out to be a pretty dark villain, and will make a great addition to the game. 

The game is set to hit the street on October 18th, which can't get here fast enough.

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