Steve Jobs has Passed Away

Steve Jobs by Joey Paur

Apple chairman and former CEO Steve Jobs has died after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer. There are no other details of his death at this time. He was 56 years old. We mourn his passing, and our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family.

Jobs founded Apple Computing with Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula in the late 1970s, is responsible for the creation of the technology that has changed out lives, such as the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Macintosh line of computers and a number of other innovations that have revolutionized the way we work, play, and interact.

Jobs also played a key role in the success of computer animation with the development of Pixar. He purchased the company in the late 1990s and was acting CEO through one of the most successful times in the company's history, producing several Pixar classics such as Monsters, Inc., Finding NemoThe Incredibles, Cars, WALL-E, and Toy Story 3.

I grew up using the computers that he invented, and I still continue to use them to this day. Jobs was a freakin' genius. Plain and simple... Jobs was instrumental in changing the world that we live in. He left behind a great legacy, and he'll be missed.

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