Exclusive Interview: REAL STEEL Child Star Dakota Goyo

This week, the Real Steel robots are crashing into theaters and at the heart of the film lies Dokata Goyo. The young star got his start in TV, particularly in voice work like the children’s show “Arthur”. With Real Steel, he makes the jump to a major role in the biggest feel-good film of the season.

The film’s big name may be Hugh Jackman, but young Dakota’s character has the hard job of making his dad finally grow up and get back in the ring. Read the full interview below to learn about his work in film and TV, who his dream job would be with, and who his favorite superheroes are.

Do you have a favorite role that you’ve done thus far, be it TV or Film?

I have to say I’ve loved all the feature films and characters that I’ve done really. But the way [Max] talks to Charlie is very mouthy and that was fun because I would never talk like that to my dad or mom.

Charlie didn’t have much common sense, how did it feel working opposite on that kind of role?

Max is a lot like the parent in Charlie and Max’s relationship. Charlie turns Max around from being a kid, and Max gets a father figure that he never had. Obviously his mother died, so he’s very sad and very depressed but he gets his dad back. He gets Charlie to be the father figure he never was.

Do you have the same personality as Max?

No way, I have nothing on the same line as him except for computer and techy stuff. I’m very techy on the PS3! I love to play UFC and Call of Duty.

How was it working with robots?

When you are working with robots for so long they become real people. They have personality, they have feelings, and when you work with them so long they become real and I love robots! So to get to work with them...it was never something I thought I’d do.

How was doing voice work on the film Rise of the Guardians?

It was a huge action movie!  Working with Ewan McGreger was great, he was pretty funny.

So when doing voiceover work, are you in the studio alone or with people?

In my experience in the recording studio, I just do it alone. It’s pretty cool to see the finished part, where all our parts are put together.

Do you see REAL STEEL becoming a franchise?

I think obviously it has something for everyone. It’s heartwarming, but also filled with action - pumping, screaming, crying, happy, emotional movie. When you watch it you will be full of emotion and you will be doing your own boxing!

Did you experience an emotional high while watching, even though you knew what was coming?

The way John Gaden, our writer, did it - it cant be any better! I’ve watched it 5 times and not one time have I not cheered, cry, and laughed. I love every minute of this movie! All my blood, sweat, and tears into that movie - it’s a great accomplishment and I’m very proud of myself.

What other roles would you like to do in the future?

I loved 3:10 To Yuma and would enjoy doing a Wester.  Western movies would be fun, but a super hero movie would be great! 

Who is your favorite superhero?

I love all Marvel characters, but I have two favorites since I can’t pick between them. I love the Hulk, it’s such an amazing movie! I have aeen all of the Hulk movies. Also, Iron Man - I’ve always loved Iron Man.

Would you want to work with Jon Favreau (director of IRON MAN)?

Iron Man! I loved it, he did a great job on the film. So in love with COWBOYS & ALIENS to - it’s just so good! I’d be annoying my mom, playing characters from that and just talking about it like crazy. I wanted watched it all the time.

You’ve done both TV and film work, do you have plans to stay in film?

I’m enjoying feature films! Staying with movies would be good for me.

Who do you want to work with one day?

I want to work with Spielberg even though I haven’t met him. I’ve heard great things - people aren’t making that stuff up - I hear he’s the nicest guy. I want to meet him!

Real Steel is in theaters this weekend. Goyo has a great personality and is on the road to a great career in Hollywood. A big thanks to Jim Napier aka Tiberius for conducting the interview. Check out our review of the film here

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