A new Japanese poster and TV spot have been released for director Brad Bird's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I've been see ing a lot of people not really interested in seeing this fourth film, and I'm not sure why... unless they just don't like watching Tom Cruise movies.  Here's the thing... this movie looks awesome, it's got a great director brining it to life, and the story was developed by J.J. Abrams, who had this to say about the director in a previous interview,

Brad Bird directed an incredibly fun movie. To watch him do his first live-action movie is kind of surreal because you see these moments that are really funny, and specific and about character — and you think, “WOW, that’s so Brad Bird”… but then you think, “God, I’ve never seen a Brad Bird live action movie, ever.” So its a weird thing to see stuff that feels… He’s a great filmmaker who just happens to have been using the tools of animation. It’s going great. And the IMAX footage in particular is looking INSANE.

So again, I ask all of the haters... why don't you want to see this movie? The rest of the cast includes Jeremy RennerSimon PeggPaula PattonJosh HollowayMichael NyqvistVladimir MashkovLea Seydoux and Anil Kapoor.

Here's the synopsis:

The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization's name. No help, no contact, off the grid. You have never seen a mission grittier and more intense than this. 

Check out the trailer below.