BACK TO THE FUTURE II - Awesome Poster Art by Tim Doyle

Artist Tim Doyle has created this great Back to the Future II poster design for a comedy event called Secret Show to the Future 2. The event brings together several members of the Sirius XM Opie and Anthony show, and they will watch the classic Robert Zemeckis directed film while providing live comedy commentary like what Mystery Science Theater 3000 has done in the past. They did this with the first film back in 2008 and they had such a great time doing they wanted to do it again. The show will take place this coming Saturday November 5th 10 p.m. EST at the following location... Sounds like it could be fun!

As for the poster that Doyle created for the event they will go on sale at the same time the show starts, 10 p.m. EST, and can be purchased at the following link.... All the proceeds that come in from limited edition poster will go towards Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s research charity, TeamFox. So not only would you get a great poster, but you will be helping out a great cause as well. 

Each poster is 18 x 24. The regular edition is limited to 150 total with 110 unsigned for $50 and 40 signed for $75. The Variant edition is limited to just 50 with 35 unsigned for $100 and 15 signed for $125.

For your viewing entertainment, here's the first Secret Show to the Future, enjoy!

O&A : Sat. Night Virus: SECRET SHOW TO THE FUTURE! from Holic120 on Vimeo.


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