Shane Black talks DOC SAVAGE adaptation

Shane Black is busy directing Iron Man 3, but recently sat down to discuss his interest in directing an adaptation of Doc Savage. Black revealed that if he does do the movie he wants to recapture the magic in the action-adventure films, which he believes have gone down hill. Here is what he had to say in a recent interview with CBR:

You are also doing the "Death Note" movie and are still working on "Doc Savage," which people have been talking about for years. That's a lot of comic book movies -- do you feel that's the direction you are going in right now or you are interested in? 

If we do "Doc Savage," the challenge is make it adult. I think that there are so few practitioners of action movies these days who are doing worthwhile stuff that it behooves me to try to weigh in and try to do the "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"-type stuff, to try to recapture the magic. When I stood in line for a summer movie when I was coming up at eighteen, nineteen, twenty years old, I stood in line for two and a half, three hours and you got the goods! They delivered! And if they didn't, you went outside and said, "Arg, 'IndianaJones 2' wasn't that good, I stood in line for three hours!" Now, you don't know what you're getting! 

There's just, I think, a decrease in the quality of these types of comic book action movies, and so it's almost irresistible, sometimes, to try and shore that up a little, or weigh in at least with my opinion about what's wrong and how it should be...I do want to do "Doc Savage." The script is still evolving and I'm kind of busy, but I want to get it right and I want to do it. 

I loved Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I am perfectly fine with bringing that type of quality to the screen. Black is a fantastic writer, which I believe is important to making a mature action movie with a bit more bite. What are your thoughts on this news? Are you excited about a Doc Savage movie?

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