Must Have: Assassin's Creed Monteriggioni Hoodies

Check out these awesome 'Monteriggioni' hoodies inspired by the video game Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. If your one of those people that see yourself as Ezio, and every time you walk into a room full of people visualize how you could silently stab and kill everyone without anyone knowing, then this will help complete your transformation. Please don't stab anyone though!

In 1499, Monteriggioni was at the height of its splendour, all thanks to a certain Ezio. Celebrate his hard work with this official hoodie. The unique eagle peak on the hoodie folds away perfectly, tucking back inside the hood on whenever you want to blend in.

I would love to get one of these hoodies. They are going for $55 bucks, so it might be worth it. Unfortunately the are only available for pre-order in the UK. To get one Click Here.