SIMPSONS Arcade Game Coming To Home Consoles!

"Feel that wave of nostalgia yet?"

I can't tell you how many Chuck E. Cheese tokens I've spent playing this game in my lifetime. It was announced out of Australia a couple days ago that the Konami developed Simpsons Arcade game has been rated across multiple platforms to be released later this year.

For those of you who have played the iPad version, you've been duped and deprived of the real goodness that will soon be on your home console systems.

Featuring a ridiculous plot, the story begins with Waylon Smithers stealing a diamond from Springfield Bank to give to Mr. Burns. Along the way Smithers collides with The Simpson clan who then from some sort of mid air miracle, switch the stolen diamond with Maggies pacifier. This then prompts Mr. Burns and Smithers to kidnap Maggie and ride away in a balloon. While none of that really makes any sense with respect to the lives of the characters in the show, it's then up to the Simpson family to fight for their youngest.

While the game may not be too strong on plot it is, in fact, incredibly fun to play and features co-op, original voice acting, and cameos by Matt Groenings Life in Hell characters. Check out the videos below and let us know if you're intending to make the purchase.

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