5 Videos Your Most Annoying Geek Friend Would Post

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"The smile that can send awkward shivers down any spine."

Pity, cool gadgets, devout loyalty, maybe they make you look cooler in comparison. We all have our reasons as to why we keep around that super condescending, annoying, opposite sex reflecting friend of ours. So while they're flaming away in some subscriber only forum about Adult Swim's Saturday night lineup, let's have some fun at their expense and view some videos from their peers.

5. "Dude, I get it...it's just not that funny."- Nothing worse than giving a sympathy laugh only to get bombarded by the same joke told five different ways, especially when at your angriest you can just blurt out, "DUDE IT'S JUST A (insert here)!".

4. "Yeah...well...sorry."- When they aren't working on their superhero stand-up, the weakest link of your nerd herd can often be found over reacting to video games. If you aren't around to witness it, don't worry, they'll have a full recollection of what went down and some evidence to boot. Number four is dedicated to the only non-rude response you can give in this situation.

3. "Why can't you just insert your name like everyone else?"- While I don't really have grounds to tell you how to name your avatar on your game, I do know you didn't do it to not show anyone. Go ahead, go to the point in the game where this name fits perfectly and inappropriately into the pre-scripted wordplay. Yeah that's awesome. Totally worth naming your Pokemon trainer AIDS.

2. "The movie doesn't need that much analysis."- DISSECTING A MOVIE TO...oh wait, never mind.

1. "Save it for me. Not public access."- While they have their moments, you can admit that you still love even your most annoying geek friend and will stick through all those weird/embarrassing/awkward moments. The problem is this makes them believe the world will be just as accepting. There is a simple fact that there are some things just too geeky for mainstream society. This gem playing currently on my local public access channel is proof.

So here's to you friends that only a mother can love. Because if she kicked you out, you'd probably be squatting in our place.


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