IMMORTALS - Godlike or Mere Mortal? (Open Discussion)

Tarsem Singh's Immortals may not have been as big of a box office success as 300, but it was able to muscle it's way to the number one spot with $32 million.

Here is what Venkman has to say in his review of the film:

Immortals ended up exceeding my expectations and is one hell of an incredibly awesome badass movie. I freakin' loved this film! It's not the best movie of the year or anything, but hot damn, it was exciting and fun to watch! I grew up watching fantasy Greek mythology movies like Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Augernauts. I love those movies, and Immortals had that same kind of feel, minus the big ass Ray Harryhausen mythological monsters. The story had that classic old school epic feel to it though. I had no big problems with the story or script at all, it worked fine for what this movie was.

I had a slighly different opinion about the movie. The action scenes were fantastic, and well worth the price of admission. If I could have done it over, I would've skipped 3D for this film and opted for a 2D showing. The colors and tones of the film are infused wiht Singh's signature style, but it does not live up to the same look and feel that he exploded onto the scene with in The Fall. I can not wait to see Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel

Now that we have shared our thoughts on this film it is your turn. Tell us what you loved or hated about Immortals. Would you consider the movie to be Godlike or Mere Mortal?


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