NASA Wants You! New Astronaut Recruitment Video

Videos NASA by Mick Joest

"I would point at cameras too if I was a badass."

In NASA's ongoing campaign to increase awareness in the need for space exploration (ie: we miss our fat checks campaign) they are reaching out to you to join the ranks of future astronauts!

Yes it turns out even you, Joe Schmoesaurus can join the ranks of the great space travelers before you! That is, of course, if you...

Are 5'4 to 6'3 in height.

Hold a bachelors degree in science, engineering, or math...Oh yeah you also need at least 3 years in a masters program or doctorates.

Have 1,000 hours of pilot experience (pilots only).

Pass the NASA physical.

Are a U.S. citizen.

Got that down and it's all thumbs up's and playing Rockband in space! Check the video.

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