Movie Trailer for Amanda Seyfried's Thriller GONE

Summit Entertainment has released the first trailer for Amanda Seyfried's new thriller Gone. The movie is about a girl who is kidnapped by a serial killer, and her older sister that sets out on a mission to rescure her. The movie also co-stars Emily Wickersham, Wes Bentley, Jennifer Carpenter, Erin Carufel, Sebastian Stan and Socratis Otto. The movie doesn't look like anything we haven't seen before, and with dialogue like "I'll sleep when he's dead", you know exactly what kind of movie this is.

Here's the full synopsis:

Jill Parrish comes home from working the night shift to discover that her sister Molly has disappeared. Jill is convinced that Molly has been abducted by the same serial killer from whom Jill escaped the year before and that by sundown Molly will be dead. The police think Jill is crazy, so she sets out alone to rescue her. Is Jill mentally ill, merely chasing shadows, or will she find Molly before it's too late?

The movie is set to hit theaters on February 24th 2012. Watch the trailer for the movie below and tell us what you think!

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