THE FLY Sequel from David Cronenberg gets Ditched by FOX

A couple years ago David Cronenberg set out on a journey to make a sequel/remake to his nasty 1986 horror sci-fi thriller The Fly. The film starred Jeff Goldblum as a scientist who accidentaly crosses his DNA with a fly, the result of which was incredibly disgusting. 

Last month is was reported that Cronenberg had finished the script for the film. He turned the script in to 20th Century Fox who was considering, but unfortunately they aren't perusing it right now. Cronenberg had this to say in a interview, "I wrote a script and at the moment Fox is not wanting to do the project." Apparently the studio did really like his take on the story. 

If this movie ends up getting made it has to be with Cronenberg. If he wants to do then let him do it! That's the Fly movie fanboys and fangirls want to see. If Cronenberg doesn't do it I don't think anyone should. On top of that I think Cronenberg has a bunch of other projects he could work on regardless, like Eastern Promises 2 with Viggo Mortensen. Yes, this sequel could actually happen! According to the director, "There is a script that we all like, including Viggo, and Focus is interested." Now that movie would be awesome!


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