Joel Edgerton could star in 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA

Fighter and Animal Kingdom star Joel Edgerton is currently in talks to star in the sequel to 300, 300: Battle of Artemsia. I've enjoyed watching Edgerton in the films he's been in lately, he was awesome in Fighter and I thought he was also really good in The Thing prequel. This guy is a talented actor who's star is rising in Hollywood. I think he would fit awesomely in this ancient Greek world. If cst he would play would play Themosticles, the famed archon and general who led the Greeks to victory against the invading Persians in 480 BCE, and it would be great if he ended landing the role.

Director Noam Murro (Smart People) is the man who will lead the Spartans into battle this time around. The film is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel Xerxes, which tells the story of how "Xerxes rose to power in fifth-century-BC Persia and became known as 'The King of Kings,' eventually raising and leading a massive army intent on ruthlessly destroying the hated Greeks who killed his father. Xerxes seeks nothing less than to become a god himself -- and achieves his wish!"

What do you think about Edgerton possibly taking on the lead role in this movie?

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