Top 5 Beards In Geek Movies

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In honor of No Shave November, Movember, or just beard growing in general, I compiled a list. Within it lies some of the bushiest, boldest, and badass beards this side of the interwebs. If you're looking to look like a man's man this magical month of masculinity, you wouldn't do wrong to take note of these men for grooming tips.

5. General Zod- Superman II

What more can you say about a beard that makes you "kneel and swear your loyalty" before it? The way the left and right sides dip down then travel back up really accentuates the fact that he never smiles, and if he were to, I'm sure it would look even more evil. +! for the Kryptonian conspirator.

4. Obi Wan Kenobi- Star Wars

I'm sorry to say Ewan Macgregor did no justice to the epic facial fuzz that lay on the face of Alec Guinness in the original trilogy. Simple, yet strong and full in appearance, this beard really accentuates the fact that you are dealing with a jedi who is chocked full of wisdom. I mean, it completely draws you away from the fact that he is combing his hair over to hide his receding hair line! If that isn't a jedi mind trick, I don't know what is.

3. King Leonidas- 300

Bold and bushy, with a hint of blood in the whiskers. The beard of Leonidas sends a strong message, "Don't f*** with me." To truly understand the intensity and intimidation that Gerard Butler's beard brings to his words, watch this movie then P.S. I Love You, then imagine how hilarious it would be if he screamed "THIS IS CANCER!" and kicked Hilary Swank into the frigid and unforgiving waters of Ireland.

2. Pai Mei= Kill Bill Volume 2

Not only can he grow a beard worthy of a kung fu guru, but check out those eyebrows! Bak Mei style obviously isn't the only thing this guys a master of. If I had to take a five-point palm exploding heart maneuver from anyone, I could only consider it an honor if it were from him, and that's real.

1. Gimli- Lord of the Rings

Of course there really is no disputing this, but when he comes from a race where even their women have beards, can you be surprised? Size really doesn't matter when this mane is rocking from your chin and Gimli proves it in his brash and aggressive attitude throughout the series. If he were ever to commit the blasphemy of cutting it, you could be for certain he would be using his axe and for that we crown Gimli as the "One Beard To Rule Them All".

Think somebody got snubbed? Cheated? Or outright ignored? Let me know in the comics, hell you can even upload a picture if you want.


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