Old Comic Possibly Reveals Nolans Inspiration For Batmobile in Batman Begins

"Maybe because he's a badass and it's broad daylight a** hole."

Was Christopher Nolan drawing from Silver Age Batman comics when he designed the batmobile for Batman Begins? That's at least what author Michael Uslan thinks in his book The Boy Who Loved Batman, a memoir of his growing up with comics. Here's an excerpt discussing the picture below....

Detective comics #236, which featured not the Batmobile everyone knew and loved, but a starkly different version of it in the form of an armored urban Bat-Tank. It was an image I would never forget. (Amazingly, this obscure vehicle, used just once in the history of Batman comics, reappeared in the movie Batman Begins. What a coincidence!

If it is true that Nolan drew inspiration from the comic, is it fair to assume we are going to see some stuff pulled from Knightfall in Dark Knight Rises? If so what would you like to see?


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