STAR WARS Burlesque Video Reel

We've heard of several different Star Wars Burlesque shows being developed, but this video reel shows us how the Jaded Vanities burlesque troupe has envisioned Star Wars at The Vanguard. Who would have ever thought that Star Wars would be adabted into this style of interpretative dancing. Did you ever think anyone would try to make a Tuskan Raider look sexy? 

Here's a description:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a period of civil war.

The empire has grown powerful and crushed the spirits of the people.

In a last ditch effort the rebels and Jedi are using their sensual powers in the long forgotten arts of burlesque to infiltrate the empire's base in Newtown, known to the locals as The Vanguard.

We ask for your help in restoring freedom to the galaxy...

Check out the Star Wars burlesque video reel below and tell us what you think! What you see in this video isn't worse than anything you've already seen in Jabba the Huts palace.


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