TOMB RAIDER Movie Reboot to be Origin Story

Earlier this year GK Films announced that they got the movie rights to the classic video game Tomb Raider, and that they would be rebooting it for the big screen. Hugo producer Graham King is currently developing the film with Iron Man screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.

I wondered how they would reboot this franchise for the big screen. I hoped it would go a little bit darker than the Angelina Jolie films. King recently gave an interview in which he discusses what they have planned,

Listen, the box office, they weren't disasters but I find it interesting that the story that we're telling is really the story before she became Lara Croft, so it is a character piece. It does have a lot of really great characters, but it's a lot of action and a lot of fun, and for me, it's something very different. I've not really done a movie like that before, but I really gravitated to rebooting this franchise and we're going to give it a shot.

I've always been a fan of the Tomb raider franchise. I thought the first two films were fun, but I thought they could have been done a lot better. I really hope this reboot ends up giving us a badass gritty Lara Croft story. I would like it to actually feel more like an Indiana Jones style film. What are you hoping to see?

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