THE GIRLS ON FILM: Great Movie Scenes Recreated With All Women

Ever want to see some of your favorite movies scenes with women playing the men? Well you are getting the chance now folks!

The Girls on Film is an interactive series made by Ashleigh Harrington and Jeff Hammond. They find great movie scenes between men, and recreate them with women.

This site is a original, fun and eye-opening way to watch your favorite movie scenes with a twist.

 Here's some of my favorite ones from their site.

For the Twi-Hards out there:

The Twilight Saga

Directed by Jeff Hammond, starring Ashleigh Harrington, Jenna Scott and Jeff Hammond.

The Fight Club Cocktail

Directed by Jeff Hammond, starring Ashleigh Harrington and Cat McCormick. Based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Screenplay by Jim Uhls.

Those are just two of the awesome videos they have posted on their website! 

Check out the rest here at this link. I personally find this project amazing and intriguing! I can't wait to see more.

A good film entertains but also creates discussion. We think The Girls on Film is doing both. said Hammond.  We have a lot of fun shooting the show and experimenting with how far we can go creating our own version. And we love getting feedback from our audience.

Speaking of creating discussion, let me ask all of you a question or two:

Does having women in these roles make you feel differently when you watch them? For example with the Fight Club video: Was it harder to watch it with women hitting each other versus watching it in its original form aka with men hitting each other instead?

Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts below.

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